Why are Apple Phones Different from Other Mobile Phones?

 Apple has a very distinct and loyal fan base. There are people who only want products from the Apple ecosystem and refuse to shift to Android, and there's a reason for it. Apple smartphones stand out from the millions of smartphones crowding the industry today.

Let us dig a bit deeper

1. Faster processors

Apple phones work faster than your average Android smartphone. The Apple A12 Bionic chip that was used in the slightly older versions of iPhones like the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR proved to be significantly faster than all the other processors used in contemporary Android phones. Even one of the best processors found commonly in high-end Android smartphones, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset underperformed in comparison to the Apple A12 Bionic chip. From iPhone 12 onwards, Apple brought in the upgraded A14 Bionic chip that performed a notch higher than its predecessor - the A13 chip. Both its CPU and GPU are high-end, and they definitely outperform every Android phone in the market.

2. User-friendly interface

One of the biggest distinctions between Apple and other Android or Windows smartphones is their operating systems. Apple smartphones use the iOS which has a much simpler interface in comparison to the others. Also, the homogeneity of the interfaces in all Apple products enhances the convenience felt by Apple users. For Android users, however, this process can get complicated as most companies take a different approach with the interface of their smartphones. In the recent iOS 12, features like Siri Shortcut have made Apple smartphones even more user-friendly.

3. Faster updates

One of the biggest perks of owning an iPhone is the fact that you can get the latest updates for your operating system even without having to upgrade the phone itself. For instance, if you are using an iPhone XR, you can still enjoy the benefits of an iOS 14 without having to upgrade your phone. While with Android-based smartphones, you can almost never upgrade the operating system because most of the older smartphones are not compatible with the newer versions.

4. A superior version of apps

As unfair as it sounds, iOS still has the better versions of most of the common applications. The apps are more likely to be updated from time to time, fixed in case of glitches or bugs, and they definitely crash less. This is primarily because developers across the world still do give more preference to the iOS version of apps.

5. The convenience of interconnecting Apple devices

All Apple products owned by you are inherently part of an ecosystem that facilitates the sharing and transfer of data. You can easily transfer any file from your Mac to your iPhone with a couple of clicks. In the case of other mobiles, this can be a little tiresome, especially if you have to do it quite often. This convenience that Apple provides is what makes a lot of consumers take their side.

6. Security is a priority

With Apple only allowing you to download applications that are verified by them, it reduces the risk of being subjected to malware. However, this protection cannot be obtained from the Google Play Store, where apps from any source can be downloaded. Thus, Apple mobiles are more secure.

7. Longer lifespan

Because of their choice of hardware, iPhones can last even up to 7 or 8 years, if taken care of properly. However, the lifespan of an average Android smartphone can never be more than 4 years, with 2.5 years being the standard.

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